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Cliff Ross Has a Wide Selection of Eco-friendly Paper for your Next Printing Project

As part of our sustainability mission here, we have curated a special section of eco-friendly paper that we always have in stock. This blog post will cover some of our more popular options. You can make a difference by simply choosing one of these papers. Going green doesn't have to cost a lot of green! Many of these papers are actually more cost effective than traditional options.

DOUBLE A Paper - 20lb text

This paper is nothing short of amazing. It is sustainably sourced from rapidly growing eucalyptus trees. The farmers grown these trees in the empty space between rice paddies. 100% of the water used is from Double A’s own reservoir. And if that isn't enough, the byproducts when making the paper are then used to generate clean power. The quality of this paper is also impressive. Its better than recycled paper.

This paper is suited for:

• Fliers, Handbills and Posters

• Spiral bound books

• Note pads

• Single use menus and take out menus

Mohawk Color Copy - 28lb text

This paper is a step up from Double A in terms of paper weight - its a little thicker. Its also a nice bright white. The real cool thing about this paper - its made from Green-E Certified Wind Energy! In addition, its made from 10% post consumer recycled paper fibers.

This paper is suited for:

• Fliers, Handbills and Posters

• Spiral bound books

• Note pads

• Single use menus and take out menu

Kraft, Driftwood, Birch - 80lb cover

Environment White - 100lb cover

Ultra White - 110lb cover

These papers are for when you need a thick paper for your print job. The Kraft, Driftwood and Birch all have their own particular finish. The Kraft paper is dark brown. Print just black ink on these for a classic vintage look. The Driftwood paper is a light tan color wth flecks of brown. And of course we have white paper options. The Ultra white is bright white. All of these papers are FCS® certified and Green-e certified.

What does that mean?

FCS® certified: This stands for Forest Stewardship Council (yes, that is a thing). Their seal of approval is given to papers that are made using responsibily sourced wood fiber. By using this paper, you help protect our forests and woodlands.

Green-e certified: This means the paper was produced using renewable energy. This includes natural sources like wind, solar and hydropower.

Now you know the options. Choose your paper wisely. By doing so, you can help our environment and forests. Especially if you do a substantial amount of printing!

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