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Live Stream Shopping

The savior of brick and mortar retail.

If you're a retailer chances are you have an online store as well. Many brick and mortar retailers add this or enhanced this during the lockdowns. Its wise to have an extra revenue stream and offer the convenience of online shopping. However many ecommerce sites are boring, clunky and leave the user with a less than engaging experience. The newness of this has worn off and more needs to be done to sell products online. If you want to sell some serious volume, you need to look forward, not backward, when it comes to the online shopping experience.

Take a cue from whats going on in Asia. Live stream shopping is blowing up. Its become tied closely with social media apps. Just like in the 1980's when the home shopping channels popped up and reinvented the shopping experience, live stream shopping is doing the same thing. Many scoffed on the home shopping channels. They thought it was a zany idea and wouldn't work. They were proven wrong. And now its happening again.

As a retailer, its relatively easy to stage live stream shopping events.

• Pick a set time each month to have your live streaming event. Make sure its a weeknight or a Sunday, when people have less going on. Keep it consistent and hold it on the same day and time each month (second Wednesday of each month at 7pm for example)

• Select an assortment of items that fall into these categories: New releases, Limited editions, Popular items, and items you can offer a crazy discount on.

• Don't worry about making the event too polished. Users like the informal nature of live stream shopping. If it looks too slick it will be more like an infomercial. To prepare just make a list in order of the items and their virtues as a guide.

• Make a fun set up. Obviously somewhere in your store that looks interesting or cool. Maybe have a couch or chairs.

• You can do it solo, but its recommended to have a helper or two. Someone to demonstrate the product and talk about it and someone to answer messages from users watching. Be proactive about this. Welcome users as you see them join and respond to every message either live or via social. Have fun, keep it loose and throw in some banter and humor to keep it fun. Its like recreational ecommerce.

• Make sure these items are available for sale on your site so users can immediately purchase.

• For each item you'll describe it, ask if there are any questions and engage users accordingly. Repeat that each item is for sale online.

• The crazy discounted items help generate interest and attendance to the event. You may want to have a general discount that applies for during the live stream only.

• Tiktok, Instagram & Facebook are rolling out enhanced shopping features to let retailers embrace live stream shopping. For example Facebook is soon rolling out "creator hosted shops"

• Save the stream in your feed - people can watch it anytime.

It may take a few events to get some traction, but stick with it. Everyone is plugged in to social media all the time. Everyone has gotten used to online shopping, with the lockdowns speeding that up. This combines the two for a solid way to increase sales, increase customer engagement and get an edge on the competition.

Since this is a new option, you're going to need to heavily promote it. Thats where we come in. We can create a social media campaign to generate interest and educate your customers. In addition we can enhance your website and search engine optimization to capture attention. Plus we can design and print mini invitations to put in every bag and shipment going out. Also, we can design and print in store signage to inform and educate.

The best part of doing live streaming (aside from making extra revenue) is that its something you can have fun with! Get started today and you'll be in the cat bird seat when The Christmas Shopping season rolls around. Contact us for a custom plan to help get you started.

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