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Timely Instagram Posts

It is mind boggling that so many businesses, digital creators and ad agencies do not understand that Facebook and Instagram feeds are no longer chronological. They are making posts to their page "Closed Today" "Live Music Tonight" "Todays Special" etc thinking that everyone sees it that day. It no longer works that way! Facebook stopped the chronological feed in 2011, Insta did in 2016. If your social media manager or agency is posting that - ask yourself "If they don't understand this most fundamental thing about how social media works – do they really know what they're doing and will they be able to get you results?" If they are posting as if the feed was chronological, they are hurting your business. This is because the post can be seen up to two weeks later in somone's feed. The proper thing to do is post timely things as a story! More people see it and it is up for 24 hours from when you post. This is why you need a professional outfit to handle your social. Give us a call or DM us to get started!

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