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Worst. Jingle. Ever.

Known for their incessant and corny television commercials (this one has been on the air for almost three years now) Liberty Insurance has come up with a new jingle. No doubt it was approved by a committee that “refined” it to death, while their ad agency laughed all the way to the bank. Ok, ready for this awful idea? Here goes:

“Liberty Liberty Liberty, Liberty.” (sung by a chorus)

Wow. It does score points for driving the point home. Their name is “Liberty Insurance”. So it re-re-re-reinforces their name. Ok. So it sort of works, but with a high level of annoyance.

While advertising does work best when it is repetitive, their is a right way and wrong way to accomplish this …

A jingle or tagline should work to buttress the positioning of the product or service. This one sinks to new lows as it dumbs down the message to annoying happy people singing the name of the company. You have to ask yourself, what does this accomplish? In a moment when someone needs insurance, will this chorus repeat in their head? Maybe. Unless they are a mindless drone, they’ll probably think a little more deeply about what insurance company to choose.

So their jingle is jangling. I’ll take Flo or the Gecko any day over Liberty’s cast of unrelatable and overplayed characters.

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