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Ad agencies that offer Brand Strategy Development are a dime a dozen. And what does Brand Strategy Development even mean? Its just a fancy way of saying put your logo on everything and keep your typefaces, color palate and design elements consistent with that. Thats it. These agencies will opine about critical it is to study your brand and make your colors match. Its so 2005. Branding isn't enough anymore. You need positioning.  The point of a positioning is to establish a sole defining characteristic of your brand in the mind of consumers. Branding is easy, as mentioned above. Of course your product or service has to be good.

Our Positioning Services include:

• Determine what position you want to own
• Cutting through the advertising and social media noise
• Positioning versus the competition to gain market share
• Defining your playing field, and owning it
• Repositioning the competition
• Sharpening the name of your business
• Effective line extension

We use a combination of design, traditional advertising, social media, content creation and printed materials to execute your positioning plan.


is the short game


is the long game

Branding Strategy

is easy

Positioning Strategy

is different for every business

Brand Awareness

is weak & passive


is strong & dynamic


can be costly with little results


is all about results


isn't enough anymore


is needed to close the deal

& keep them coming back for more

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