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Story Sticker Fonts

Food images are now right at your fingertips!


Do you find yourself looking for fun, unique, and high-quality food stickers to place in your Instagram stories or reels? Introducing Story Sticker Fonts, our new collection of food and drink icon images, perfectly sized and ready to use on social media stories and more. 


Whether you're a social media manager, graphic designer, or restaurant owner trying to liven up your Instagram content, these stickers are for you. To use them, all you have to do is save them onto your device as a png image. When you are creating a story or reel, click on the "smiley face sticker icon" at the top. Scroll a bit until you see the option to place an image from your camera roll. Then, easily select your saved Food Sticker! 


You can also download a corresponding font file, so you can use the same images when creating documents, menus or presentations. Simply download the font file to your computer just as you would any new font. The only difference is instead of the alphabet, each keyboard letter will be a different image character. These are commonly referred to as dingbats or icons!


There's no limit to what you can do with your Story Stickers. Because they are line art, you can even open them in a design program such as Photoshop and color them in. It's a great way to make sure they match your brand colors. 


Feel free to use and share! Or, contact us to learn how we can create a custom collection of Story Stickers just for you. 

story stickers on social graphic

Use Stickers As-Is

story stickers on social graphic animation

Make an Animation

story stickers on social graphic

Color them in

food and drink social story stickers
Click below to get your free download of our new
Food & Drink Story Sticker Font!

Design + News Fusion Art

story sticker examples
Click below to get your free download of our new
Spy Balloon Design + News Fashion Art Font!
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