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Sales Funnel

What is a sales funnel? It is a way to engage and draw in clients. That is the short answer. Google it and you'll find all sorts of variations on this theme, many of them claiming to be "automated". That is the last thing you want. Getting new clients and engaging existing clients requires a dynamic approach that is in flux and adapts to the current conditions. Methodical and planned out, yes. Automated, hell no.

Our approach to creating a sales funnel for your business is similar to everything else we do. We get to know your business and the clients you are trying to get. We then craft a custom sales funnel and assist you in execution of said funnel. It will build awareness and interest which eventually translates into decision and action.

The essence of it is as such: Our plan will include things to be done each month to draw in customers. Its not a hard sell, rather a steady and consistent approach.

A custom sales funnel could include:

• Blog posts
• Content creation for social media
• Live stream shopping events
• Benefit driven copy for your web site
• Enewsletters (that people actually want to get)
• Laser targeted direct mail
• Scheduled follow ups
• Indirect engagement
• Solutions
• Entertainment content
• Audio content

There is more, but you get the idea. We build a custom sales funnel and cast that net out unto the waters. By offering meaningful content delivered in slick and professionally designed way, we'll get you results.

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