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Experience Matters

Read about Cliff's 25+ years experience.

Education Matters

Cliff and his team of designers all have degrees in Graphic Design.

All Original

All work is done in house by humans. We don't use templates, canva, clip art or AI art.

You Need A Team

All work is done by Cliff and his team. Some agencies just outsource everything. That makes for a sub par experience (and it costs you more).

We Can Do It All

Not only do we offer graphic design, we can print whatever we've designed as well! We are your one stop shop for design, advertising, social content and printing.

Cliff Ross attended Kutztown University for Communication Design. Only 90 out of 600 students were accepted into the program that year, based on an "art test" - they required three specific projects to be done to evaluate each applicant. He got accepted to Kutztown on Valentine's Day. He earned a Bachlor of Fine Arts in Communication Design with a concentration on Advertising Design. Ever since he was a child, Cliff had a keen interest in TV commercials and print advertising. Cliff's Mom, a kindergarten teacher, lovingly taught Cliff the alphabet. This is where is love and appreciation for letterforms started. Also an artist, Cliff's Mom always encouraged him to be creative. She got him everything from a watercolor set to sketch pads and more. Cliff grew up in the Poconos, surrounded by nature. As Domenico Ghirlandaio, Michaelangelos' teacher, said "The most perfect guide is nature" Cliff took it all in, surrounded by nature and its patterns.

Upon graduation Cliff worked at a boutique ad agency designing print ads for auto dealerships. This is where he mastered is layout skills, production skills and advertising acumen. After two years, he landed a job as Art Director for Electric Factory Concerts in Philadelphia. Started in 1968 my Larry Magid and Allen Spivak, it was the largest promoter  on the East Coast at the time. They owned the TLA on South Street, The Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, Electric Factory (Now Franklin Music Hall). They also booked shows at all the major stadium venues in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Hershey, PA. As Art Director, Cliff was in charge of the Art Department, print ad design, collatoral design, and making sure each venue had the promomtional material it needed - for about 300 concerts a year.

Cliff has worked on custom designs for all the major music acts of the later 90's and early 2000's. He designe custom hot sauce labels for Metallica and Pearl Jam. He designed limited edition concert posters for Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick, The Sisters of Mercy, Love & Rockets and so many other bands. He designed the ad materials for the 1998 tour of Earth Wind & Fire / Isley Brothrers / The O'Jays. He also designed the ad materials for Bette Midler's nationwide tour in 1999. He was also responsible for all the print advertising when EFC booked Dave Matthews Band for three nights at Veterans Stadium in 1999. And he worked on all the print advertising when Billy Joel played the Corestates Center in Philadelphia in 1998. Both of these concerts ended up completely sold out. The list goes on. Cliff was worked on concert designs for everyone from Price to David Bowie.

Working at EFC provided Cliff with a weath of knowledge in regards to both advertising and events. Larry and Allen basically invented the concert business by booking bands like The Doors and The Allman Brothers. The eventually booked and helped organize Live Aid in the late 1980's.

After over 5 special years, Cliff moved on to work at Collectibles Record label, designing CD covers and packaged for reissued music on CD. He has designed album covers for everyone from Artie Shaw To Lynrd Skynard to Quiet Riot and more. This is where he honed his Photoshop skills.

Next up Cliff was a print and web ad designer for Philadelphia Weekly - Philadelphia's largest Alt-new weekly at the time. He designed ads for countless businesses in Philadelphia, getting them results. A typical issue would be between 140 - 180 pages. Cliff also assisted in the production of the paper.

After that Cliff worked in the trade show design business. As production supervisor for Altantic Skyline, he worked on trade show design for companies like Cessna, Dow Jones, Day & Zimmerman, and many fortune 500 companies.

In 2010 Cliff decided to take the road less traveled. He left Philadelphia for Easton, PA. He saw the potential in this small histroic walkable downtown. When he moved to Easton he set up his ad agency. A life long dream. His timing was perfect. Easton was just starting to turn around. His agency helped so many of the businesses that started here and make Easton what it is today. He works with The Easton Farmers Market, Easton Public Market, Sweet Girlz, Chocodiem, Modern Crumb, Easton Outdoor Company, Lifestyle Barbershop and so many of the downtown Easton's businesses.

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